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Discussing Janitorial Services San Antonio
24 May 2017

What to Expect from Janitorial Services in San Antonio

When it comes to finding a reliable janitorial service for your San Antonio-area business, you might be feeling overwhelmed. With so many janitorial services to choose from, how can you be sure you’ve picked a cleaner who will leave your San Antonio-area business not only looking clean, but also completely disinfected?

At Jan-Pro® of San Antonio, our years of experience providing consistently spotless janitorial services has taught us exactly what goes in to making a great cleaning company. To help you find the right janitorial service for your business, we’ve come up with a list of three aspects to consider when vetting a potential cleaner.

What to Consider when Vetting a Potential Cleaner

When choosing the right janitorial service for your San Antonio-area business, three components to consider are:

  • Cleaning Methods. Where some janitorial services will use the same cleaning method for every San Antonio-area business they clean, others will take a more customized approach. Choosing a janitorial service that customizes their cleaning plans to your facility’s needs will ensure that no area of your business is overlooked in the cleaning process.
  • Cleaning Supplies. While on site, the health and safety of the people who use your facility is in your hands. That’s why it’s so important to choose a janitorial service that uses cleaning products and systems with a proven track record for safety and hygiene.
  • Cleaning Results. Any reliable janitorial service will have methods in place to track the cleaning results they deliver to your San Antonio-area business. A cleaner who tracks their results is able to ensure that each cleaning they provide is as detailed and thorough as the first.

JAN-PRO of San Antonio’s Exceptional Janitorial Services

At Jan-Pro of San Antonio, we rely on an exclusive three-system approach to ensure our janitorial services are consistently exceptional. Our services start by using our Signature Clean® system to create an industry-specific, customized cleaning plan for every San Antonio-area business we clean. We then deliver our cleaning using our Jan-Pro Technics® suite of advanced cleaning systems and technologies. Finally, we measure our cleaning results using our Jan-Pro Tracker® system. This way, we can be sure our janitorial services are always as efficient and effective as possible.

Find out more about choosing the right janitorial service for your business by calling JAN-PRO® of San Antonio today at(210) 525-1997.

2 Jan 2017

School Cleaning San Antonio

Exceptional School Cleaning in San Antonio

Whether you run a preschool, school, or college in the San Antonio area, you need more than just an ordinary cleaning service. You need a school cleaning service that puts your students first, and cleans with their health and safety in mind. At Jan-Pro® of San Antonio, our college, school, and preschool cleaning services are designed to be student-friendly. Our cleaning services use custom cleaning plans and are delivered with non-toxic disinfecting systems. With us, you can rest easy knowing your facility has been thoroughly cleaned in a way that is safe for the students in your care.

Customized School Cleaning in the San Antonio Area

We understand that your San Antonio educational facility is unique. Your building is more than just four walls and a roof. It’s where you are educating our future leaders. That’s why we create a custom cleaning plan for every college, school, and preschool we clean in the San Antonio area. Our cleaning experts go through your building area by area, paying attention to your facility’s unique cleaning challenges. We look for high-touch areas like door handles and sinks where bacteria normally thrives. That way, we can knock out harmful germs and viruses before they spread to your students.

Safe School Cleaning from JAN-PRO of San Antonio

At Jan-Pro of San Antonio, we understand the danger of using harsh and harmful chemicals when cleaning colleges, preschools and schools. That’s why our EnviroShield® disinfecting system uses a non-toxic and environmentally-friendly disinfectant. Our EnviroShield® disinfectant system wipes out 99.99% of all viruses and germs on contact while also being completely safe for the students in your care. EnviroShield® uses proprietary spray-application technology to reach areas other cleaning systems can’t. It’s designed to disinfect hard-to-reach and hard-to-clean surfaces like computer keyboards, carpets, and fabrics.

Another way our cleaning services protect the health of San Antonio-area preschool, school, and college students is through our HEPA-filter vacuums. Our quiet-cleaning vacuums remove harmful airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns in dimeter, helping students with allergies and asthma breathe easier.

For spotless school cleaning services performed with the health and safety of your students in mind, contact JAN-PRO of San Antonio today at (210) 525-1997.


Janitorial Cleaning San Antonio
19 Oct 2016

JAN-PRO® of San Antonio – For All Your Janitorial Cleaning Needs

At Jan-Pro of San Antonio, there is no janitorial duty too small or cleaning challenge too big for our team of professional cleaners. From spotless floor cleaning, to detailed bathroom cleaning, and everything in between, we can make sure your business has a professional shine to help it stand out from the competition.

Whether you run a warehouse, a medical center, a school, or a gym, we can create a cleaning plan that’s right for you. Our hands-on owner/operators have gone through a rigorous training program with instruction in industry-specific cleaning methods. That way we can ensure we’re equipped to tackle the biggest cleaning challenges in any industry.

Custom Janitorial Cleaning Services from JAN-PRO of San Antonio

You have put in countless late nights and long hours to make sure your business is unlike any of its competitors. Now, your facility deserves a custom cleaning plan designed specifically to address its unique needs. Where other janitorial services in San Antonio might take a one-size-fits-all approach to cleaning, we create a custom cleaning plan for each of our clients.

Before we begin cleaning, we go through your facility area by area and create a detailed cleaning plan using our Jan-Pro Signature Clean® system. The Jan-Pro Signature Clean® system adheres to the industry’s leading janitorial cleaning standards, so that you can rest easy knowing your business will receive a spotless and disinfected shine with every cleaning.

San Antonio’s Top Janitorial Cleaning Company

At Jan-Pro of San Antonio, our superior janitorial services come from our custom cleaning plans put into action using state-of-the-art cleaning products and procedures. When you choose Jan-Pro of San Antonio for your janitorial cleaning services, we clean your facility with our Jan-Pro Technics® suite of exclusive cleaning supplies and technologies. Just some of the cleaning systems that come with the janitorial services we offer to businesses in San Antonio include:

  • HEPA-Filter Vacuums. Our quiet-cleaning vacuums use HEPA filters that can trap airborne pollutants as small as 0.3 microns in dimeter.
  • Spotless Floor Cleaning. We deliver day-to-day floor cleaning as well as more intensive floor cleaning for carpet, marble, tile, concrete, and more.
  • OSHA Expertise. We’ll make sure your facility meets all OSHA standards, giving you peace of mind.

Contact JAN-PRO of San Antonio today at (210) 525-1997 for all your janitorial cleaning needs.

medical office cleaning San Antonio
9 Sep 2016

Medical Office Cleaning for San Antonio

At Jan-Pro® of San Antonio, we know the importance of cleaning and disinfection for medical facilities. Simply put, there’s nowhere where hygiene is more important or more vital. That’s why our medical office cleaning services for San Antonio medical facilities rely on a specialized cleaning program we call MedMetrix®. Under the MedMetrix® program, medical office cleaning from Jan-Pro of San Antonio ensures a deeper, healthier clean for any business in the medical sector.

San Antonio’s Experts in Medical Office Cleaning

With MedMetrix® medical office cleaning from Jan-Pro of San Antonio on your side, you can rest easy. Thanks to this innovative program, our cleaning services offer the materials, equipment, and experience you need to eliminate dangerous bacteria and viruses from any room or surface. Under this program, our cleaners are trained in Jan-Pro best-practice procedures for cleaning and disinfecting medical-specific spaces, including surgical suites, dental operatories, and terminal patient rooms. What’s more, MedMetrix® ensures that all medical office cleaning services from Jan-Pro of San Antonio are fully compliant with all standards set out by the CDC, Joint Commission, OSHA, and AORN.

Our Medical Office Cleaning Services

When you choose medical office cleaning from Jan-Pro of San Antonio, we’ll pair your business with one of our owner/operators. This person will lead every step of your cleaning services: from creating your cleaning plan, to overseeing each cleaning of your workplace, to measuring our results to ensure consistent service.

Other advantages to medical office cleaning from Jan-Pro of San Antonio include:

  • EnviroShield® Disinfection. We are the only San Antonio medical office cleaning provider with access to EnviroShield®, an advanced disinfection system that allows more effective and more thorough disinfection compared to other widely used systems.
  • Bathroom Cleaning Expertise. Our cleaners take bathroom cleaning to the next level by taking extra care with germy areas such as faucets, door handles, and towel dispensers.
  • HEPA Filter Vacuums. We keep the air you breathe healthy and clean by using HEPA air filtration vacuums, which trap particulate as small as 0.3 microns in diameter.
  • Floor Cleaning Services. Our cleaners provide day-to-day cleaning for any type of flooring, and offer deep cleaning services on demand.
  • Smarter Systems. We color-code our microfiber materials to prevent room-to-room cross contamination and use strategies that reduce the need for harsh cleaning agents.
  • Secure Services. Jan-Pro of San Antonio medical office cleaning services include a commitment to any security protocols used by your facility.

These advantages and more are yours when you choose Jan-Pro of San Antonio for your medical office cleaning needs.

Book a no-cost medical office cleaning consultation with JAN-PRO of San Antonio today by calling (210) 525-1997.


Investing in Yourself
14 Apr 2016

Invest in Your Future with Jan-Pro

With Tax Day looming around the corner, this year why not invest in yourself? According to recent statistics released by the IRS, almost 40 million tax refunds worth nearly $125 billion had been issued as of Feb. 20, 2016. Are you one of those 40 million that will be getting a return this year?  How will you spend your tax windfall, on a shopping spree? a vacation? or buy a new car?  All of these things are nice and may be well deserved as a fruit of your hard work. But this year why not consider investing in yourself instead of paying the car dealer or cruise line?

Making an investment in your future may not be something that will give you the instant gratification of a new car or vacation.  But think about this, when the vacation is gone, all you have are the photos to remember it by. Guess what, new cars eventually become old cars and they will need to be replaced or repaired.

So what do we mean by invest in yourself? Perhaps investing in yourself is paying off a credit card or putting more money into your IRA, both are solid investments in you. Maybe we should change the catch phrase to invest in your future.  

Let’s face it, when we call your tax return a windfall, it really isn’t. According to Merriam Webster a windfall is, “a piece of unexpected good fortune, typically one that involves receiving a large amount of money.” Your tax return is not good fortune, it is a refund of money that you earned, not money that you’ve found. This year, why not invest in your future and the future of your family?

According to an article from the February 2010 issue of Entrepreneur Magazine, the Great Recession spelled boom time for the Cleaning Industry Franchises. In fact, during the Great Recession 6 out of 10 of the fastest growing franchises were commercial cleaning companies. Why? Because everyone needs their trash emptied and toilet cleaned. During this same time, by conservative estimates, the United States lost 34.4 Trillion dollars in wealth. Losses to mutual funds, losses to retirement funds, IRAs and 401ks.

So this year, when you think about investing your tax refund, why not invest in a Jan-Pro Franchise? Buying a Jan-Pro Franchise is an investment that truly has no limit to your income earning potential. You can grow your franchise as large you want, based on how much work you want to put into your business.

Since 1929, the US has experienced 15 recessions all of which have caused loss of income, loss of jobs and general financial heart ache for families. This year, invest in yourself at tax time and purchase a recession proof Jan-Pro Franchise.

2 Mar 2016

Spring Cleaning with Jan-Pro

Day light savings time and the first day of spring are right around the corner. Out with the cold doldrums of winter and in with the rejuvenating and renewing of springtime. It has become part of our culture to start off fresh in mid-March by giving our businesses or homes a thorough spring cleaning. One of the reasons for this is that with the longer days of daylight and sunshine in the mornings, it’s easier to see the dust and cobwebs that have accumulated over the last 5 months.  As the seasons change, from winter to spring, it’s always more enjoyable to work in a spotless environment.

Here are some things that might help you clear your workspace out and prepare for the spring and summer seasons ahead:

Schedule an official spring cleaning day. Have everyone set a date on their calendar as the official office purging day. On your spring purge day, set a goal of removing all piles of old paper. These can be sorted and shredded or if they are important and must be saved they can be scanned. If paper isn’t your problem but digital clutter is, send out the suggestion that everyone clean up digitally. Have your colleagues clear out their email boxes to free up some digital space. This will also help with their organization, allowing them to perform their jobs more accurately with less time.

Clean up the company bulletin board. Ensure that it is reflective of the current season and that it has all of the proper dates for upcoming events and deadlines and that everything on the calendar is up to date.

Hire a commercial cleaning company to perform a deep clean. Aside from the many things that you and your staff can perform for themselves, there is nothing that compares to a deep clean of your office to get the season started right. If you don’t have a cleaning service, don’t worry. At Jan-Pro, we would be happy to give you a quote for a one time spring deep cleaning. Our prices are reasonable, our work is guaranteed and our franchisees are trained professionals.

Have your current cleaning company perform a spring clean/deep clean for you. If you’re already a Jan-Pro customer, ask about a spring deep clean. It’s the perfect way to freshen the place up while getting rid of those winter doldrums. With our branded processes at Jan-Pro, you can rest assured your building will be cleaned properly and it will be germ free. This will give you the confidence that your spring will not only be happy but healthy.

When the new life of spring is starting to bloom, call the experts at Jan-Pro. We will help you bring some of that spring sunshine and rejuvenation into your facility with a spring deep clean.

6 Jan 2016

Kick-Start the New Year with a JAN-PRO Career Opportunity

Have you been looking for a new career opportunity or maybe just a way to earn extra money, but haven’t found the right fit? Perhaps you have always wanted to be a business owner but feel overwhelmed by the thought of start-up costs and getting your business off the ground. With JAN-PRO, you can be in business for yourself, not by yourself.

Realize your dreams and become a JAN-PRO business owner this year:

  • We Find Customers. You Focus on Service. With Jan-Pro, you don’t have to do any selling. We want you to focus on providing great service, so we find all the customers for you. As the top commercial cleaning company for nearly 25 years, Jan-Pro has a strong brand reputation and a detailed set of cleaning processes, support services and standards that will help you keep clients happy.
  • Gain Financial Independence. Realize your dream of financial independence with a Jan-Pro franchise. Each franchise owner determines the speed at which they grow.  Start with a small number of clients and grow as you have the additional team members to support more customers.
  • Be Your Own Boss. With a franchise from Jan-Pro, you will own your own business while receiving support from a Regional Master Franchisee and from a #1 nationally recognized franchise company. You’ll be supplied with the tools you need to start a successful commercial cleaning business and be mentored as you grow your business.
  • No Prior Experience Necessary. You can be a very successful business owner with Jan-Pro, even without any prior business or cleaning experience. If you have the desire and drive to make a better life for your family, we can help you reach those goals.

Find out from JAN-PRO business owners how they have achieved success and fulfilled their personal financial goals. A new year can be a new beginning.

Contact us today.



16 Dec 2015

Anita Thorne, Legal Assistant by Day, JAN-PRO Franchise Owner by Night

Although Anita Thorne loved her full-time job as legal assistant at the Washington Law Firm in Charleston, S.C., she had always yearned to be a Business Owner.  She wanted to be able to build a nest egg for travel that raising three children had not yet permitted her to do.

Her parents encouraged her to consider commercial cleaning which seemed like a low risk way to get started. Encouraged by another franchise owner, she made an appointment at the Mt Pleasant, S.C. JAN-PRO office with Mark Henderson, JAN-PRO Regional Director. She learned with JAN-PRO, she could continue in her day time job while working in the evening to build up her business.

So, eight years ago Anita bought a JAN-PRO Franchise for $950. Since then she has built up the business to $11,000 per month with 15 employees.  She feels JAN-PRO will be a great legacy for her three grown children and one grandchild as well.

One of the things she loves about JAN-PRO is being able to call other franchise owners for advice. It’s a personal network she has found helps her solve day-to-day management issues at times.  One of those has been a challenge with turnover.  Rodney Collins, her mentor, has helped her to work through challenges with the employees that are part of her teams.  Anita credits her success to her “state of mind, the communications with her team and the support from JAN-PRO’s Charleston Owners and Rodney Collins.”

On a typical day, Anita Thorne leaves her law firm at 5:30 and dawns her khakis, blue polo shirt and name badge to begin working for her JAN-PRO customer accounts.  She uses a checklist to ensure that all the job tasks are completed. She believes it is very important to establish and maintain trust with each team member.  She manages 8 of her 18 accounts which range from doctor and lawyer’s offices to property management customers and a restaurant.

Anita explains, “You have to make up your mind that you can run your own business.  It’s hard work, especially in the beginning. It’s important to set a goal for yourself and work hard to achieve it.  Having a personal relationship with each client is very important to success.  The better relationships help you to keep them happy. “

As an example, she continues, “I just called another law firm that I’ve had for the past three years.  I check in every other week to ensure that everything has been cleaned up properly.  We build long term relationships with each client and we get to know them and their families.”  This client recently sent her a Facebook request. “ I’m a people person and that makes the difference with my clients,” she adds.

Anita mentors two other new Owners who recently started out.  A lot of new Owners don’t realize the amount of time and energy required to succeed.  She stresses how important it is to understand the time commitments and to be dedicated to customer satisfaction.

Over the past couple of months Anita started having a dinner together with her team on her dime as a way to thank them for their service to their customers.  It’s her way of keeping them motivated and to share in the work that they have each month.

Anita says, “I’m 47 now, but I want to be able to travel by age 60.  Since I started my part-time business, I am building up to my long term goal of a business that will continue to pay dividends to me and my family.  Family is my top priority. JAN-PRO helps me to reach my goals and keep my priorities in order.”

6 Dec 2015

Reese McCaskill Builds His Own Business Legacy with Customer Service

Reese McCaskill found the perfect fit for his talents and personal goals with JAN-PRO of Detroit.  As a first time business owner in the new Jan-Pro Detroit office, Reese saw the benefit of being one of the first franchise owners in this market. He immediately felt a strong connection to the franchise model and to both Bryan Lubaway and Jared Rothberger, the Master owners of Detroit who share his passion for customer service and communication as key success factors for growth.

Having over 13 years of experience in the automotive industry, Reese has seen his share of change and felt JAN-PRO Commercial Cleaning would be an ideal business to help him reach his financial goals to ultimately buy the home of his dreams. His father encouraged him to pursue his own business and to remember “building a business is not a sprint but a marathon”.

With that in mind Reese began looking for the team members who would be responsible for providing superior cleaning services to his customers.  He realized the startup would require all his managerial skills to recruit the best folks. Reese feels it’s definitely a perk as a business owner to help others. He says, “It’s quite honesty one of the best parts of owning his own business. Also, it’s a huge benefit to leave a legacy to his three children. He looks forward to seeing his business continue on with the support of his family.

“Being your own boss makes you feel more secure,” adds Reese. “You run the show and don’t have to worry about a poor economy or having your income go down.” In July 2015 Reese started with one of the smallest plans of an FP5 he has grown his business to and FP 35 in 3 short months. His next goal is to double that revenue in the next year.

With his passion and commitment to his business, superior customer service, a strong foundation of training his staff and the support he gets from Bryan and Jared, Reese knows he will succeed with JAN-PRO.

6 Dec 2015

JAN-PRO Franchise Owners Inspire Gratitude and Thanksgiving

JAN-PRO has helped Maria Teixeira build a family business over the past six years. Maria explains, “JAN-PRO takes care of everything, making my job easier.” The support Maria gets from JAN-PRO allows her to focus on keeping her customers happy so she doesn’t have to worry about finding new customers or tedious accounting work. Maria, along with her husband and granddaughter, can be business owners without the stress and hassle of going at it alone.

The JAN-PRO operations team is always willing to assist with customer communications. Maria explains, “They know that I do everything I can to make my customers happy, and they are very appreciative of that.”

“I love being able to run my business and keep my customers happy. It’s a big relief not having to worry about collecting invoices and frequent communications with the customers,” Maria says. The flexibility allows her to do little things for her customers like leave a personal note about who will be taking care of their cleaning service while she is out on vacation. Her attitude is the little things go a long way to impress customers. “It’s what keeps them loyal to your business year after year,” she says.

The Teixeira’s have built their business based on outstanding customer service. They pride themselves on having never received a complaint from any customer. Their work ethic and willingness to go the extra mile has made it possible for them to run three accounts including a hospital, an aviation company, and Cigna Fly Support. With this success, their personal financial outlook has greatly improved compared to before they began working with JAN-PRO.

JAN-PRO recognizes that ultimately it’s the people behind a business that make it successful or not.  They are thankful for the partnerships they have built over the last 20 years with hard-working people like Maria and her family. When you have people who are willing to embrace the leadership, culture, and momentum that JAN-PRO offers franchise owners, the result changes lives.

For as much as the Teixeira’s are thankful to JAN-PRO for the support in building their business over the years, JAN-PRO is thankful to them for the determination and consideration they have put forth to grow a successful business.